You think you're clever with your Tivo, skipping over all the ads so you can greedily drink in the networks' hard work for free? You selfish, selfish person. Now that you freeloaders have succeeded in avoiding ads coming into your home, the marketing industry has pledged to bomb you with commercial messages every time you set foot outside your home. "We're digital, we're interactive, we're speaking the language of that 21-to-34-year-old," says one ad exec. That's why the real world at large is now just one more ad-supported medium! And, just how 21-to-34-year-olds like it, they're "right in your face." The term: "Place-based media." The meaning: Ads RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, everywhere-security kiosks, bus stops, the Duane Reade checkout line, jukeboxes in bars. Learn to love it. You gave them your permission for all this, after all:

"The consumer will let us know when it's too much" ... In trying to avoid alienating consumers with too many ads outside the home, "it's all about balance," said Ron Greenberg, senior vice president for digital media and chief marketing officer at the TouchTunes Corporation in New York. "You have to be careful." Consumers will "give you permission to present your ad" he said, "as long as you're not disturbing what they're there to do."