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Madonna's interest in Alex Rodriguez appears may have waned (she's been spotted with a young Brazilian model in recent weeks), but there's another rich, older, equally Kaballah-obsessed woman happy to take her place. At a New Year's party in Parrot Cay last week, Donna Karan seemed smitten with the slugger, although A-Rod "refused Karan's advances" since he's "still hung up on Madonna." [P6]
Not only are most people on Mustique happy the Noel family stayed off the island this year, but a bar even created a "No Noel" cocktail to celebrate. [P6]
Lindsay Lohan says on her MySpace blog that she and Samantha Ronson have not broken up, just in case you've been up all night worrying. [People]
Officials in the Bahamas have completed an autopsy on John Travolta's son, Jett, and claim the death was caused by a seizure. [CBS, NYP]

Kate Moss has reportedly instructed her nanny to "expect an increased workload" in 2009, which may or may not mean she's pregnant. [ThisIsLondon]
A bit of good news for convicted con-man Raffaello Follieri: Although he's sitting in prison and has to pay back defrauded investors $3.7 million, he will not have pay back the employees he cheated out of pay. [NYDN]
Here's one way to prevent foreclosure: Ed McMahon's poodle allegedly attacked a process server delivering legal papers to his house on Saturday. [TMZ]
Spike Lee says he's basically "on welfare" compared to actual rich people like Jay-Z and Oprah. Also, he flew coach with his family to the Bahamas, just so you know. [P6]
Patricia Arquette has filed for divorce from her husband, actor Thomas Jane. [E!]
Christie's exec Matthieu Humery was arrested last Friday and charged with public lewdness after he was allegedly caught getting it on with another man in Central Park. [P6]
Ann Coulter had a Today show appearance scheduled for this morning canceled at the last minute yesterday afternoon, either because there was breaking news or because she's been "banned for life" from NBC. [NYP]
Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell had twin daughters on December 28th. [NYDN]
• Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson married his longtime girlfriend in Vermont over the holidays. [People]