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Has it been only three weeks since the Momzo the Clown incident? It seems longer. In any case, now that the dust has settled from that regrettable, inter-familial kerfuffle heard 'round the world, it turns out The Dark Knight star Christian Bale will not be charged for assaulting nudging up brusquely against his mother at a London hotel:

A CPS spokesman said: "We can today confirm that we have advised the Metropolitan Police Service that the actor Christian Bale should not face any charges following an incident which occurred in relation to his mother and sister at the Dorchester hotel on 21 July this year."

The CPS said they found "insufficient evidence" to support the reasonable prospect of a conviction.

Insufficient evidence. Well we're glad that's all cleared up—it would have been a shame if they'd had allowed this to go any further, and things had gotten blown out of proportion. As it stands now, we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing this was just a little heated domestic misunderstanding that dominated global headlines for a week.