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• Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson got into yet another public spat while heading home to LA after spending New Year's in Miami. Lindsay eventually got so upset a flight attendant suggested LiLo disembark. [TMZ]
George Soros reportedly spent New Year's partying with "two young brunettes" on Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus, off St. Barts. Now at least we know where son Alex gets it from. [P6]
Queen Latifah was robbed of $10,000 worth of jewelry while on vacation in Trinidad and Tobago over Christmas. [Us]
• Kathy Griffin made a dick joke during CNN's live NYE broadcast with Anderson Cooper. The video is here, in case you care. [NYP]

• Lily Allen's has a new man: He's art dealer Jay Joplin. [The Sun]
• Diddy thinks he should be able to go to the inauguration celebrations for free, even though Halle Berry and Sharon Stone are paying $50,000 to attend. [P6]
Matt Dillon was arrested for driving 106 MPH on a highway in Vermont earlier this week. [NYP]
• Britney Spears' tour hasn't started yet, but her concert director and choreographer have already quit. [NE]
• Is Paula Abdul planning to leave American Idol? [NE]
Mariah Carey is drinking wine, so maybe she's not pregnant. [Daily Star]
• Amy Winehouse will be appearing in a Norwegian court later this month in connection with her 2007 arrest for pot possession. [OK!]
• Ashton Kutcher became a football coach at LA's Harvard-Westlake. Now Demi Moore is going to teach a drama class there, too. [Janet Charlton]
• Mark Wahlberg really enjoys urinating in public. [The Sun]
• Simon Cowell apparently likes vacationing in Barbados so much that he's building a house there. [Mirror]
• Walter and Monica Noel found someone willing to rent their $55,000-a-week home in Mustique. [P6]