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The Wall Street Journal got an advance look at the Republican candidate's proposals for supporting U.S. technology. After picking through the article to figure out exactly where he stands on what, we gave it the 100-word treatment:John McCain will unveil a technology agenda that bundles previously announced pro-business proposals with continued support for a hands-off approach to regulation.

  • The plan, dubbed "John McCain and American Innovation," will call for a 10% tax credit on wages paid to all research-and-development employees.
  • It will reiterate Sen. McCain's opposition to Internet taxes and new laws guaranteeing net neutrality. Sen. McCain maintains that Congress shouldn't get involved in writing rules for the Internet. Any net-neutrality problems should be left to federal regulators like the FCC.
  • Sen. McCain will also call for an expansion of the H1-B visa program.
  • The plan will emphasize the importance of providing tax breaks to companies that offer high-speed Internet access in low-income and rural areas.

(Photo by AP/Jason DeCrow)