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• Jeremy Piven's latest conquest? A 23-year-old model/bottle waitress at Mansion named Ashley Chontos, who was the first to respond to Piven's late-night text appeal ("Come to my room—whoever responds first gets me for the night") and who, you'll be happy to hear, is standing by her man, even though he's in Bangkok so he can "recover" from "mercury poisoning." [NYDN]
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are supposedly divorcing in a few weeks, or at least that's what the Daily News says. For the time being, though, they seem to be enjoying themselves in Puerto Rico. [E!]
• Mia Farrow's daughter's death may have been been AIDS-related. [NYP]
Mariah Carey is supposedly in talks to make a Broadway musical about her life and hopes Leona Lewis, Vanessa Hudgens, or Eva Longoria will take on the lead role. [Telegraph]

• Charles Barkley was arrested for drunk driving in Arizona today. [TMZ]
• Not only did Donny Deutsch steal hedge funder Andrew Sandler's wife, but now he's been spotted air-kissing Andrew's stepmom, too. For shame! [P6]
• Dane Cook's brother, who was also his business manager, has been charged with stealing $3 million of his money. [NYDN]
• John Mayer left a party in LA early because he was afraid Jessica Simpson would show up. [NYDN]
Rachael Ray created a dog food recipe with onions, which apparently is not good for dogs and has some dog-lovers kinda annoyed. [Celebitchy]
• Jennifer Hudson might perform publicly for the first time since her mother's death at Barack Obama's inauguration. [P6]
DMX pleaded guilty to charges in three different cases yesterday. [TMZ]
• A handful of people have been giving Ruth Madoff's cookbook bad reviews on Amazon. [P6]
• Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are hosting a four-hour wedding special on MTV tomorrow, in case you have nothing to do. [Us]