TV chef and cookbook author Julia Child was secretly more awesome than you already thought, because she was part of a very exciting World War II-era U.S. spy ring, government files revealed this morning. It was already known that Child had worked in an administrative capacity for the Office of Strategic Services, the less evil precursor to the CIA. And anyone who knew her biography had to wonder about her long career at various U.S. stations abroad. And about that recipe for "poached secrets."

But it's interesting to get confirmation, and to learn that Child forthrightly informed the spooks on her application that her weakness was that she was "impulsive," because she quit a department store job once. It's not clear where Child did her spywork — she was stationed in Sri Lanka and China before moving to France, where she was trained as a chef.

Also, there are allegedly some reporters named in the documents released today, but no names have come out yet.

On a totally unrelated note, Bob Woodward of the Washington Post is a "former" Naval Intelligence man.