The political conventions are pointless pageants designed to get candidates and up-and-coming political stars some prime time television exposure. They're also convenient excuses for trying out new and exciting paramilitary policing and, most importantly, lengthy benders for political operatives, donors, and the rest of the party faithful. Booze will flow, drugs will be procured, local women of the night will be solicited. And—celebrities! Oddly, Hollywood lobbying group Creative Coalition will bring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Neil Patrick Harris to Minnesota for a party at the Republican convention. Though maybe it's not so odd? Being the party of closet kinky bastards (how awesome is it that their convention is in the Twin Cities, right?), they're presumably familiar with Gyllenhaal's rich filmography. And, as we all know, Neil Patrick Harris is the gay who makes the straights feel totally comfortable. Word to the wise: outside of the Distilled Spirits Council party, skip the official bullshit and get wasted at the damn CC Club or something.