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Author/humorist David Sedaris turns 52 today. Jared Leto is 37. CNN's Candy Crowley is 60. AOL chief Randy Falco is 55. Senator Evan Bayh is 53. America's Most Wanted's John Walsh is 63. Chris Daughtry is 29. And record producer (and possible murderer) Phil Spector celebrates his 68th today. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

On Saturday: Broadway director Joe Mantello will be 56. Sarah Vowell will be 39. Cokie Roberts is turning 65. Mary Jo White will turn 61. And Mick Jones, one of the founders of Foreigner (and the dad of Mark, Charlotte, and Samantha Ronson) will be 64.

On Sunday: Denzel Washington will be 54. SNL's Seth Meyers will be 35. Gayle King is turning 54. John Legend is turning 30. Sienna Miller will be 27. Bob Pittman will be 55. Judge Alvin Hellerstein will turn 75. Artist Robert Storr will turn 59. And American Idol runner-up David Archuleta will be celebrating his 18th birthday.