Fake it 'til you make it, as the saying goes. Noncelebrity Julia Allison is doing just that, advertising for three interns to do God knows what—in the words of the current intern, "One day you might be picking up dog for food [our dogs] Lilly and Mason, and the next you're researching great date spots or the newest gadget." We know, you're thinking "Why does one need an intern to help you run your professional Tumblr?" After the jump, actual evidence of what the last intern did: collect quotes from gushy reader e-mail for Julia's vanity-project "personal collection."

"Hello! I'm Julia's intern and we're currently working on compiling some emails from readers. Julia loves part of your email (below), and we'd like to include your last name, age and where you live (city and state) along with it.
The email has only been read by Julia and myself. Currently, Julia is just using your email for her own personal collection, but I will update you if anything should change. Thanks so much, Samantha"

One more bit from Jules for the prospective new intern(s): "PS. Please let us know if you would be comfortable on camera. It's TOTALLY okay if you're not, we just need that info for planning purposes." Oh, right, for that imaginary TV show!