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• Was the "exhaustion" that sent Samantha Ronson to the hospital the result of a marathon screaming match with Lindsay? [TMZ]
• Walter Noel's five daughters are a bunch of maneaters who used to steal other girls' boyfriends, at least according to one of their former Georgetown classmates. [P6]
• Now that he's dated half the blondes in New York, Lance Armstrong says he's having a baby with his girlfriend, Anna Hansen. [NYDN, PM]
Star Jones has supposedly gained 30 lbs. recently and is now worried her boyfriend, chef Herb Wilson, is going to dump her because of it. [NE]

• Guy Ritchie has apparently relented and is now letting Madonna stay at their England mansion during the holidays. But only if she follows a strict set of rules which includes not bossing around the staff, throwing tantrums, or talking about their split. [The Sun]
• Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are reportedly feuding with a developer who plans to build a hotel that just happens to overlook their backyard in South Wales, Australia. [Mirror]
• Now that he's becoming a fashion designer, Kanye West says he'd like to design clothes for Barack Obama to "go to the club in." [The Sun]
• It looks like Sean Avery has started a trend: Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley says he'd like to "diversify" himself by getting a job at Vogue or Elle. Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, meanwhile, is starting an internship at Def Jam in February. [NYDN]
• She's already tried modeling, DJing, and singing. Now Agyness Deyn is apparently telling people she wants to be a Hollywood actress, too. [The Sun]
Marisa Tomei might be dating 32-year-old actor Logan Marshall-Green. [P6]
• It looks like Maria Shriver can expect something from Hermès under the Christmas tree this year. [Socialite Life]
• DJ AM is filing negligence lawsuits against both the jet manufacturer and the charter company involved in his September plane crash. [E!]
• Heidi Montag started crying outside the Hills afterparty at Butter earlier this week because the bouncers wouldn't let her in. [P6]