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With our daily "MGM Tower Under Attack" report in the books, "retard" outrage in the streets and everything thankfully quiet on our Billy Bob Thornton Co-Star CurseWatch, the only real news we have left to pass along today actually speaks for itself: "The Best Breast List: wowOwow’s Peek Down Dazzling 40+ Décolletage." Indeed, the saucy ladies of the women's Web site wowOwow — including Liz Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lily Tomlin among others — gathered their 10 favorite middle-age busts in no particular order for discussion, observation and, if you dare, debate. We don't exactly know the criteria (bikini-rocking couldn't have hurt Helen Mirren), but see if you can lift and separate them in an excerpt after the jump.

Loni Anderson: As the Internet Movie Database describes her, Loni, 63, is a “buxom, bedimpled, pert-nosed knockout.” And since her first appearance in the late 70s comedy, WKRP in Cincinnati, she has become another timeless beauty who continues to wow on the red carpet. Susan Lucci: The well-known “Queen of Daytime” Susan Lucci is a big fan of Pilates, which clearly helps keep all her curves in all the right places. Gayle King: Can we call Gayle Oprah's bosom buddy? At 53, Oprah's best friend turns heads on the red carpet. Michelle Pfeiffer: [O]ne of the most timeless beauties in movies. From her gravity-defying bustline to her big blue-green eyes, Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't seem to age. Rene Russo: Rene Russo, whose smoldering beauty made her so unforgettable in movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair, Major League and Lethal Weapon 3 and 4, still has what it takes on top.

Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn and Oprah herself are included as well. Alas, no Dolly Parton, who we hear was disqualified for slightly aberrant sexual tastes that we're hoping will have faded in the judges' minds by this time next year.