The Olympics, we're told, is a delicate dance of geopolitical maneuvering dressed up as an athletic contest. In reality, it's the world's largest assembly of dumb jocks. All of whom are now in a position to cause international incidents! Spain and China may have poisoned their diplomatic relationship because the entire Spanish national basketball team thought it would be cute to make an ad for some courier company posing with the "Slanty-eyed Asian" gesture: fingers pulling the eyelids to make them slits. I imagine they were all saying "Ah, soooo" at the time and laughing uproariously. The full photo is bad enough that someone should have realized it was mistake:

Among the members of the Spanish team: LA Lakers superstar Pau Gasol! This joke will go over smashingly in the Los Angeles Asian community, Pau. No apology has come out thus far. But let's all hope that Spain and China somehow end up playing each other in Olympic basketball, because China should smash them, what with the Spaniards being preoccupied with their fascist wars and influenza. [NYP, Guardian UK]