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It seems that Leigh Lezark's coldstare doesn't just look good in photos, it actually hypnotizes suggestible reporters into thinking it's still 2006: An interview in the UK Times over the weekend describes her as "the reigning queen of the feckless, fickle world of New York cool," and has her age listed as 22. It's a testament to Lezark's fascinating personality that a conversation with her yields as many as three quotes, including her devastating put down to some idiot who dared to criticize Chanel: "I was, like, have you worn it, ever?" The Misshapes DJ and model, you see, possesses "the enigma and understatement of a glamorous star of the silent screen," which may just be an elegant way of saying she should just keep quiet, lest the world realizes that barely a thought inhabits her glossy black head.