Dov Charney, the self-stimulating CEO of American Apparel, is wondering if you've seen his dog HedKayce. The little guy went missing in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles for at least the second time since April, when he was feared eaten by the local coyotes. Oy maybe Charney has been looking for the same dog for more than three months. In any case, the creepy clothier presumably holds out hope the dog has not become canid food, because he has "slammed" the surrounding area with "Lost Dog" flyers, LAist reports. Charney even switched some of his billboard advertising from scantily-clad young women to the plea for help seen at left. Awww, sweet and sad all at once. But how did a neurotic obsessive like Charney misplace his dog in the first place? Maybe he was somehow distracted?? [LAist]