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Michael Arrington: Doesn't discriminate — holds everyone in contempt

Michael Arrington's temper is as bad as everyone assumes. Says a former employee:

He yells at anyone and everyone, including his staff, and including [TechCrunch CEO] Heather [Harde]. I'd note though that it's not just the yelling, it's the tone he takes as well. Maybe a cultural thing, but I'd never talk to people the way he does. Everyone is beneath him, and he holds most people in contempt. But oddly enough it's always in short bursts. If you remember Loren [Feldman]'s Arrington puppet videos [embedded above], that's pretty close to what he's like. He'll be mid-sentence then stop and yell at someone else, then revert to the original conversation like he had never stopped. Weirdest thing I've seen. Perhaps a need to put others down to boost his own ego, or a complete lack on empathy for anyone other than himself.

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