Celebrities' complex relationships to the paparazzi who pursue them—can't live with 'em, evaporate into a puff of smoke without 'em—is the topic of Teenage Paparazzi, a documentary film from Adrian Grenier. The idea came to him as he was snapped by a "14-year-old paparazzo," reports THR—none other than intrepid adolescent shutterbug and celebrity in his own right, Austin Visschedyk: Kid Pap. (He's accompanied by his junior cronie and Porsche-driving chaperone dad in the accompanying CBS News profile.) The movie also explains Grenier's camera-friendly affiliation with puppymill proprietor/presidential hopeful, Paris Hilton:

Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Longoria, Rosie O'Donnell and other celebrities will be featured in Adrian Grenier's upcoming documentary "Teenage Paparazzi."

Grenier's film, which surfaced on gossip sites when the actor was seen around Los Angeles with interview subject Paris Hilton, explores his relationship with a 14-year-old paparazzo who took his photo. The docu will feature Grenier interviewing actors and commentators — including Martin Landau, Noam Chomsky and "Daily Show" comedian Lewis Black — about the culture of fame.

Good on Longoria, who's always available to lend her voice to a doc or reality show if it helps elucidate the public on the perils of leading a fame-craving life in the public eye. Still, what Grenier hopes to learn from this cinematic exploration isn't entirely clear; perhaps it's nothing more than a coming-of-paparazzi-age tale, culminating in a touching scene in which he teaches his young pursuers about the birds and the bees by guiding them frame-by-frame through their own video of the actor making it with a model outside Joe's Pub.