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David Patrick Columbia comes through in a big way today: The social chronicler managed to get his hands on a photo of Bernie Madoff watching TV in his living room last night! The pic was taken at 9pm—his evening curfew is 7pm—so Madoff didn't have any choice but to be home. But what was he watching? The only thing spookier than the sight of New York's most hated man parked in front of the TV putting pretzels in his mouth is the thought that he might have watching himself on television, too.

DPC has a several other interesting tidbits to share: He says that Katherine Bryan, the ex-wife of Shelby Bryan, also "lost a substantial amount." (The Bryans were married until Shelby left her for Anna Wintour in the late '90s; one of Katherine and Shelby's three sons is the Observer's George Gurley.)

Columbia also says he's heard rumors that Bernie's wife, Ruth, is still working out at the nearby Equinox. So don't forget to bring your camera with you when you go the gym!

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