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Hearty congrats to Deborah Trachtenberg, the fame-obsessed partygoer better known as Devorah Rose: According to the social networking site aSmallWorld (which is still in business, by the way), she's the 34th most notable social in New York! (All that money she's been handing over to Columbia seems to be paying off nicely, doesn't it?) The "Top 100" list appears in the debut issue of "aSmallMagazine," which promises to cover the "cultural return to sincerity," an era defined by "the end of flash and a return to substance." How does placing socialites on a list constitute "substance"? Did we mention the issue also has "a peak behind the walls of one of the world's last totalitarian regimes, North Korea." It does! They've covered all the bases! aSmallWorld's announcement to site members is below.

Dear Members,

Please check out ASW's newly launched online publication ASMALLMAGAZINE.

ASMALLMAGAZINE looks towards a cultural return to sincerity.

The end of apathy. A return to passion. The end of flash. A return to substance. The end of cynicism. A return to possibility.

Our aim is to document the aspects of social and contemporary culture that intersect with the lives of our members. We seek to entertain, engage people in interesting topics, channel our collective intelligence, identify trends, support talent, commend the work of those making a difference, stimulate social and political debate, provide an opportunity for members to speak out, and foster relationships within the community.

Although we are small in scope and humble in stature, we hope to have a big voice—and that voice is yours.

Read about your community, start a discussion, comment on an article, share what inspires you, tell us about someone you admire, apply to be a blogger.

This week, enjoy a revealing interview with Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks, a profile on Lebanese couturier Ellie Saab and a tongue-in-cheek breakdown of some of New York's most photographed scenesters. You can also browse our holiday gift guide and peak behind the walls of one of the world's last totalitarian regimes, North Korea.

Finally, make sure to check out our regular blogs from prominent and interesting members including fashion writer Susan Kirschbaum, philanthropic entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie, designer Holly Dunlap, activist Scott Harrison and Middle-Eastern commentator Sultan Alqassemi.


Sabine Heller