The jerkblogger behind the festival of misogyny and general frattishness that is Take a Report was found out by his employer, Citigroup, where he was a vice president. Due to its misogynist and generally idiotic overtones, "Large," a.k.a. Michael J. McCarthy, was fired for his blog's violation of code-of-conduct policies. Perhaps they objected to posts such as, "Although I'm pretty sure you don't condone the drugging and subsequent raping of female bar inhabitants, haven't you at one time or another considered what would happen with the right girl and the right mix of vodka and chloroform?" But for every job lost, a doucheblogger gets his wings: "I have been asked to be the keynote speaker at the Saturday Banquet of this year's Dallas Trading Convention... it's BY FAR the best of all the trading conventions." Woo! Some excerpts from Large's musings after the jump: how he once managed to get thrown out of an Eric Clapton concert by screaming insults about Clapton's dead son.

2) I got so fucking drunk at this concert that during a real quiet part of that song "Tears In Heaven", I start screaming at the top of my lungs, "WINDOW BARS! YOU SHOULDA PUT UP WINDOW BARS!" And apparently I insulted enough people that they were able to conspire with security and get me thrown the fuck out of the place.

Now for the younger generation who is not repulsed by that second bullet point, I should tell you that Clapton had a kid who tragically died by falling out of his apartment window. And you see, I always wondered why that prick wasn't crucified more for not having the proper window bars in place to protect the child. But in retrospect, I shouldn't have aired my grievance in a drunken stupor, front row center at his concert… You live and you learn, I guess. Still the fact remains, if any of us makes the same mistake (God forbid), then we are going to jail for negligence… That prick got a slap on the wrist, another fucking Grammy Award, and the opportunity to write the closing song to Goodfellas… It's just not right.

No, you sure ain't. Happy job-hunting though!