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It's never been tougher for young New Yorkers trying to break into the media business: No one is hiring, of course, and to make matters worse, you now not only have to compete with children of the rich and prominent for unpaid internships, but with actual grown-up celebrities attempting to grab a bit of cheap publicity.

First it was unchivalrous athlete Sean Avery landing a coveted gig at Vogue over the summer. Then Ryan Adams became BlackBook's "most popular intern ever" (in your face, famous-for-five-minutes subway chick). James Frey put in time at Gawker (in the hopes of immunizing himself from future flailings?). And now Lydia Hearst has worn a pair of intelligent eyeglasses and followed in Adams' footsteps by putting in "a solid day" at Blackbook, where she offered up her top tips on where to shop and eat, such as Patsy's, Li'l Frankies, Pop Burger, FAO Schwartz and Patricia Field. Well, Fabiola did promise that BlackBook is "the first to tell readers what's next"!