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Rudy Giuliani is reportedly in negotiations to take over Bill O'Reilly's syndicated radio show when he steps down early next year. Whether Rudy could handle sitting still for three hours a day and what effect this would have on his rumored plans to run for office, remain unclear. [P6]
• Jennifer Aniston is "bizarrely obsessed" with Angelina Jolie, says OK! The proof: She wore a dress that was "almost an exact copy" of something Angie once wore, and she can't stop talking about the couple to friends. [OK!]
• Madonna now says the financial details her publicist Liz Rosenberg released last week concerning her divorce settlement with Guy Ritchie were "misleading and inaccurate." [People, Mirror]
Anderson Cooper was supposedly spotted shopping for sweaters with a "young Frenchman" at Barneys Co-Op. Wait, what happened to Julio? [P6]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are not splitting up. At least according to Gwyneth's mom! [Fox 411]
• Britney Spears is supposedly "heading for another breakdown" because she's under so much pressure to sing live while on tour. [Showbiz Spy]
• Yet another high-society couple is splitting: George David, who runs United Technologies, and his wife Marie are calling it quits and will appear in court this week to settle, among other matters, who will be getting ownership of their apartment at 740 Park. [P6]
• Someone stole Sarah Ferguson's laptop containing "intimate family pictures." [Daily Mail]
• Tom Cruise's rep says he never lost his Blackberry in Toronto. What a relief! [Hollyscoop]
• Miley Cyrus is supposedly planning to file for emancipation from her parents, and may announce the news sometime next week. [Janet Charlton]
• Hilary Duff says Elle misquoted her when she discussed her virginity with the mag back in 2006, although why she waited until now to complain is a mystery. [NYDN]
• Jessica Alba and Jack Black will both make cameos on the episode of The Office that follows the Super Bowl. [EW]
• Katy Perry has gotten engaged to Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy. [Star]
• Sean Penn is under pressure to distance himself from Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro since both are "guilty of flagrant human-rights abuses." [P6]
Scarlett Johansson says she's planning to write and record a new album of original songs. [ONTD]