Blogger mentor Tucker Max runs a blog network called Rudius Media that is badass, bro. Earlier today we mentioned that one former Rudius blogger once worked for six months only to receive a check for less than a hundred bucks ($82, to be exact). Now that blogger, Brandon Woods, has helpfully forwarded us the email chain that ensued after he emailed Tucker-very politely, we might add-to ask how the hell he came to be paid such a paltry sum for half a year's work. Tucker Max's reply to him (which he also forwarded to six other people) is below. And, well, yea:

Excuse me? Did you write the email below, or am I seeing things? Is this a joke? Have you let the very small amount of fame—that I am almost entirely responsible for—really go that much to your fucking head that you think you can talk to me that way? If you don't like our arrangement, if you don't like that fact that I found you as a complete nobody doing nothing and have given you the opportunity to reach the world, then you can go back to where you were when I found you. In fact, thats a good idea. You go ahead and go your own way. Let's see how you do when you don't have anyone to blame but yourself.

Tucker's advice to Woods on how to make more money? An "offer to 'let' me drop out of college and become a prison guard so I could make another $100 writing for a different Rudius site."