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It seemed like the upcoming horror-comedy Jennifer's Body had a foolproof formula for success: take Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody, cast sexy Mother Teresa-assayer Megan Fox, throw in a nude scene, and laugh all the way to the blood bank. Sadly, it looks like producers may have trimmed one of the film's main selling points, if a new review posted at JoBlo is any indication. Though the amateur critic had not been keen to see the film, a friend lured him in with what proved to be false advertising:

The guy saw we were anxious but said "WAIT!!! Megan Fox is topless!!!" Well that sold my buddies. Nonetheless not only *SPOILER ALERT* did we not see her topless but the movie was indeed quite awful.

...Megan wasn't horrifyingly bad but neither was she good. There was a scene where it's a real big close up of her kissing another chick (YES!!!!). The men in the audience hooted and cheered even though it was completely random and the director put it in as a a kind of apology for not giving up the real goods (no Megan Fox boobage).

Though we're saddened that we may never see a topless Megan Fox spout Cody-isms like, "You're totally jello! You're lime green jello and you can't even admit it," perhaps it's all for the best. The Jennifer's Body set is only big enough for one stripper, and it's the one with the Oscar.