PETA is an enigma. Is that the right word? What I'm trying to say is, they behave like crackheads. While their primary cause (animal rights) is good, they suffer from a weird celebrity fascination, knee-jerk political stridency, and a love for nasty fake meat. They also try to pass off nudity as philosophy. And yes, PETA, we know you love provocative ads. But using last week's Greyhound Bus Cannibal Psycho Murders as a news peg is not the wisest way to win supporters: From a PETA press release:

In the wake of the stabbing, beheading, and cannibalization of a man on a bus in front of horrified passengers, PETA is planning to run an ad in the Portage Daily Graphic that draws comparisons between cold-blooded murder and the torture of animals in slaughterhouses—making the point that slaughter should always be shocking. PETA's ad, which refers to the "ignored cries" and "cut-off head" of a victim, is meant to spur people to think about the terror and pain experienced by animals who are raised and killed for food.

The newspaper said no, thanks to the ad. PETA: we're trying to like you here, so stop being assholes.