Hillary Clinton wants—no, needs—some recognition for so valiantly and gloriously melting down and losing a nomination that a few short months ago she was supposed to walk away with without breaking a sweat. Remember how proud we all were as she became increasingly desperate, holding the Democratic Party hostage like Brett Favre, as her husband began making incomprehensible racial gaffes and she quaffed bourbon and divorced herself from reality? Yes. So. Let's relive the magic of Hillary '08 at the Democratic National Convention in Denver! The Clinton Camp (they still have a camp!) is demanding that Hillary's name be placed into nomination so that she can rack up one more in her growing list of symbolic defeats. (Of course this remains a highly unlikely possibility, so it's actually irresponsible of ABC to run with it like it's news and irresponsible of us to play along with their stupid game. But hey! Still the silly season.) [ABC]