These blind items are corny as Kansas in August, they're high as a kite on the fourth of July, and, if you'll excuse the expression I use, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with a wonderful guyyyy. OK, that last part's not true because I'm a reclusive drunk. But I am going to see South Pacific tonight and there are blind items after the jump, about a seeeecretly gay boyband singing fella and an actress who's taken up the role of a lifetime: the heroine. I mean heroin. 1) "Which hunky boybander loves frequenting gay clubs looking for guys? The fella in question is keeping his secret under wraps so his female fans don't stop sending him presents." [Mirror] 2) "Which former A list television actress and now B list film queen has moved from the pot world to the smack world? What started off as a sometime thing smoking it has turned into a two or three time a day injection habit." [CDaN]