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Last week, the cover of the esteemed National Enquirer reported that Kelly Ripa was splitting up with her husband Mark Consuelos. Was it true? Not so much! Ripa's reps denied the rumor, and her lawyers jumped into action, too, which probably explains why the Enquirer has since removed from the story from its website. In fact, the relationship appears to be going strong, at least judging by the couple's behavior at the "Marriage is a Beautiful Thing" event on Monday night, which was hosted by Jerry Seinfeld to benefit his wife's charity, Baby Buggy. "Not only didn't there seem to be any tension," a tipster tells us, "but they looked totally in love. At one point, Kelly leaned in and gave him a kiss. Could have been just for show, but it looked pretty real to me." Remember: Once you land the stripper of your dreams, you never let him go!