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♦ Haven't seen Giuseppe Cipriani around town lately? There may be a reason for that: He's believed to be outside the U.S. since he's on probation and because Andrew Cuomo is investigating how the family managed to keep its liquor license earlier this year. [P6]
♦ Angelina Jolie has been undergoing secret fertility treatments in the hopes of becoming pregnant with twins within the next two years. At least that's what Star says. [Star]
♦ Everyone on Gossip Girl may be hooking up with each other, but at least one relationship isn't going so strong: Blake Lively was spotted making out with a guy who was not Penn Badgley. [E!, P6]
♦ Leonardo DiCaprio lost his wallet at Rolf's on Third Avenue, and Tom Cruise lost his Blackberry somewhere in Toronto. [P6, P6]

♦ This week will be Amy Poehler's last appearance on Saturday Night Live. [MSNBC]
Cynthia Nixon says she doesn't know whether there'll be a SATC sequel because all the actresses are still in negotiations, despite what people may have heard from Kim Cattrall. [OK!]
♦ Lindsay Lohan was spotted chatting with Sean Penn again, and now rumor has it they might have a new movie in the works. [P6]
♦ A rep for Sarah Palin says she isn't snubbing Oprah. She just been too busy with other TV appearances, that's all. [CNN]
♦ For the upteenth time, Jeremy Piven does not like it when people come up to him and call him "Ari Gold." [NYDN]
♦ Kate Moss's softer side: The model apparently treated her nanny to a shopping spree at Topshop. [The London Blog]
♦ Cameron Diaz supposedly tried hitting on Keri Russell's husband at a Hollywood party. [Daily Star]
♦ What's going on between Tara Connor and Ryan Seacrest? Your guess is as good as ours. [P6, TMZ]
DMX was arrested again yesterday while hanging out with Scott Storch. [E!]
♦ Mischa Barton is supposedly dating British scenester Tom Wright. [The Sun]
Joan Rivers got knocked over by a photographer at a luncheon hosted by Diana Taylor. [P6]
♦ Jessica Cutler got married at City Hall, then ran into Chris Noth on the way out. [P6]
♦ Coldplay is being accused to stealing "Viva La Vida" from a 52-year-old guitarist. [Reuters]
♦ Kid Rock has declared war on PETA and is daring activists to throw paint on his fur coats. [US News]
♦ Tila Tequila says she definitely wants to adopt a baby boy, but not until she makes "at least another billion dollars." Good luck with that. [Us]