Andrew Fisher, the President of Cox Television and a former reporter and Emmy award winner, is currently locked in a nasty divorce battle in Atlanta-one that centers on allegations of Fisher's "sadomasochistic sex affair at the Mayflower Hotel in 2003." That's the same hotbed of sin hotel that played host to Eliot Spitzer's famous zoom-a-zoom-zoom and a poom-poom with call girl Ashely Dupre! The Atlanta media is strangely silent on this whole affair despite Fisher's big-shot position. A custody hearing is scheduled for next week, and the S&M evidence has been ruled inadmissible. Which is good for Mr. Fisher, except for the fact that the lawyers put out a press release about the whole sordid mess:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EVIDENCE OF ADULTERY IS NOT ALLOWED IF UNKNOWN WHEN DIVORCE IS FILED August 5, 2008 A Fulton County Georgia Judge has held that any evidence of adultery that was not known when the divorce was filed is inadmissible in divorce proceedings. The ruling was made by Judge Lane in the divorce of Andrew S. Fisher, President of Cox Television, who allegedly was having a sadomasochistic sex affair at the Mayflower Hotel in 2003. In divorce documents filed in Superior Court in Fulton County, Georgia (C.A. 2006CV124068) by Robin Fisher's attorneys', computer evidence was presented of communications between Andy Fisher and a government employee, relating to an ongoing sexual liason during his marriage. Evidence of the affair came out in the deposition of the government employee's ex-husband, who presented computer files documenting Mr. Fisher's S&M behaviors. Copies of emails and computer logs between the government employee and Andrew Fisher were provided at the deposition along with the ex-husband's actual computer on which the information was written. Information regarding the affair had allegedly been sent to James Cox Kennedy, CEO of Cox Enterprises, and others at Cox, but the court ruled he did not have to testify. The divorce trial has been split into a custody hearing and a jury trial on the divorce. A hearing has been scheduled regarding custody at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at the Superior Court in Fulton County in front of Judge Lane. The hearing will focus on whether the allegations of deviant sexual behaviors and sexual addictions should have an effect on the custody. For Additional Information Contact: [Redacted]