Blogging used to be fun, and now it's just work. Remember when the Times wrote about hiring your own virtual personal assistant from India to do crap on the 'net for you? Or when Timothy Ferris wrote The Four-Hour Workweek, suggesting we outsource everything we don't want to do? (This caused tech-people like Jakob Lodwick to blog, "Help me understand: 'China.' Can you explain the political situation in China in three sentences?") Last week, random-fun website Zoomdoggle completed "our first whole week of outsourcing my blogging to India." Indian blogger Yogesh's English is not totally coherent, but he is cute, so readers are forgiving of posts like this:

Whose nose knows best? How good are you at smelling the things? Ok wait I don't want your answer, just play this indoor board game and you are going to prove yourself. It carries various smells including peppermint, burnt rubber, cut grass, and the dreaded doggie doo doo. Aren't that fun? ‘Big Kids' too can enjoy and test their smelling power. For the first time, such a cool smell loving site comes up to you to drive you out with more creative indoor games, Entertain & Amuse!

[Zoomdoggle, via Boing Boing]