Eagle-eyed commenter Raincoaster noticed something funny about the picture we posted last night of Bee Shaffer: The daughter of Vogue editor Anna Wintour was wearing an Oscar De La Renta dress last seen in July on the back of actress Jennifer Lopez. But it was barely on her back. As pointed out with varying degrees of cruelty on lolebrity and D-Listed, one photo showed how famously-voluptuous Lopez didn't quite fit the dress, so it had to be held onto her body with some sort of rope or scrunchy or something. Now Shaffer is prancing back into New York with that same dress elegantly draped over her wispy, fashion-friendly frame. COINCIDENCE?

Surely sweet young Bee did not intend to mock J. Lo. She would be unconcerned that the Lopez dress picture was taken during a photoshoot for Elle, Hachette's nominal Vogue competitor. But who would put such machinations past her mom, the likely source of the garment?

The Shaffer dress photo has been yanked from Facebook, but perhaps it was meant to be found and leaked! THINK ABOUT IT.

(Photo by WENN)