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A quick survey of informants drunkenly furloughed next door at the Pink Taco have confirmed that MGM Tower was not — we repeat, not — blown to bits after a reported bomb threat earlier this morning. In fact, we hear that work resumed on site within the last hour after a building search turned up nothing. One tipster sends word that "the receptionist who took the call couldn't tell whether it was a young boy or young girl," instantly suggesting a relatively tame prank that nevertheless shook the very souls (or whatever amounts to the ICM equivalent) of the tower's tenants. Follow the jump for the official all-clear, plus a brief anthology of survivor stories from the front.

——-Original Message——- From: xxxx Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 1:29 PM To: xxxx Subject: MGM Tower Threat Please be advised that the police department didn't find anything problematic so there is no longer a cause for concern. Please return to work. Thank you for your cooperation.

And now, word from the displaced:

[E]verything seems ok. Icm is done cat calling caa assists across the street I guess cause they're returning now. Le sigh. Back to work. Just another crazy thing to happen in century city I'd hate to see what's next.

Friend of mine just had lunch next to evacuees —they said the receptionist who took the call couldn't tell whether it was a young boy or young girl.

The all clear came in @1:30, nothing found, and a slightly passive aggressive "please return to work right the fuck now" (w/me adding "the fuck") on the auto recording — threat was called into a something called a "christianson glaser" (not sp correctly) — and there's a guy playing ragtime on the grand piano in the bldg lobby. Literally writing this, most work I've done today.