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While you might expect to be mildly offended by the people behind Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans, it's usually because they're coming out with more movies rather than because of anything in the films themselves. Now, though, they've made the classy move of premiering their latest spoof, Disaster Movie, on August 29th — the third anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

An honest mistake or a publicity grab? We'd like to believe it's the former, though you would think shooting the film in Louisiana might have opened the filmmakers' eyes a bit. At the very least, this should be a fun one for New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush (the boyfriend of Disaster star Kim Kardashian) to wriggle out of. As our tipster wondered: "Would they have premiered Terrorist Movie, a spoof of the Die Hard genre, on September 11th?" Shortly after this brainstorm, Paramount called to offer the tipster marketing duties for Cloverfield 2.