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It's Amanda Lepore's birthday today! At least we think it's her birthday and we think she's 41, but she's been known to fool people before. Others celebrating today: Margaret Cho is 40. The New Yorker's Calvin Trillin is 73. Novelist Joan Didion is turning 74. Little Richard is 76. Knicks center Eddy Curry is 26. Child star Frankie Muniz turns 23. Actor Nick Stahl is turning 29. And model Shalom Harlow is 35. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

On Saturday: Andrew Cuomo will be turning 51. Alex Kuczynski will turn 41. Producer Judd Apatow will be 41. Actress Lindsay Price will turn 32. And REM guitarist Peter Buck will turn 52.

On Sunday: City health commissioner Thomas Frieden will turn 48. Actress Ellen Burstyn will turn 76. Legendary financier Michael Steinhardt will be 68. Musician Tom Waits will be turning 59. Actor Jeffrey Wright will be 43. And Aaron Carter will be turning 21 years old.