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People got Alex Rodriguez to open up about his relationship with Madonna. Or, you know, maybe not. The slugger claims that they're just "friends—that's it." He also says he's never been on a plane with her, despite the countless photos that clearly indicate otherwise. [People]
♦ Have Tea Leoni and David Duchovny reunited? Star reports they were spotted holding hands at a Tasti D-Lite on the Upper East Side and they've picked up a $7.5 million apartment in the East 70s. [Star]
♦ It looks like Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin may have buried the hatchet after Harvey publicly thanked Scott at the premiere of The Reader on Wednesday night. [P6]
♦ A London jury has found Boy George guilty of false imprisonment for having handcuffed a Norwegian male escort to a wall. [People]

♦ Why was Jeremy Piven at Britney Spears' birthday party on Tuesday? He says he didn't realize it until halfway through the night. Nice one. [Us]
♦ Despite her rep's denials, "insiders" say Mariah Carey is pregnant and that husband Nick Cannon is hoping for twins. [L&S via MSNBC]
Kathie Lee Gifford is being sued by a musician for allegedly stealing the show idea he pitched to NBC last year and turning it into a weekly musical segment on Today. [TMZ]
♦ Amy Winehouse supposedly escaped from her rehab clinic and went binge drinking with friends. [The Sun]
♦ Britney Spears supposedly hates her boobs and might have reduction surgery so she can wear cuter costumes during her upcoming tour. [Daily Star]
♦ Nicole Richie is supposedly "thrilled" about Paris Hilton and Benji Madden's breakup, because she always thought Benji deserved better than Paris. [Star]
♦ Gordon Ramsay's mistress was fired from her job as a spokesperson for for talking about her affair with Gordon. [P6]
♦ Oprah feels like she's been snubbed by Sarah Palin, because Palin hasn't come on her show despite repeated requests. [MSNBC]
Regis Philbin backed his SUV into a parked cop car in Greenwich. [P6]
♦ George Clooney may have flirted with a waitress at a bar in London. [The Sun]
♦ Michelle Trachtenberg is coming back for another guest stint on Gossip Girl. [E!]
♦ Mischa Barton says she's definitely not dating rocker Jon Sadoff. [Us]
♦ In an upcoming issue of the Times' T magazine, Tom Cruise says he picked up Katie Holmes an engagement ring after their first date. [Us]