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It seems like only yesterday that Deepak Chopra flexed his philosophical muscle in the name of The Love Guru, deflecting rumors of its anti-Hindu undercurrents in a zinger of an essay on BeliefNet: "Silliness often has wisdom hidden just beneath the surface — perhaps The Love Guru will, also, since Myers laced his Austin Powers farce with a message about tolerance — but if you can't accept silliness in the first place, you are likely to be immune to wisdom, too." Oh, but for the old times, as Guru's singular tank job, critical enmity and shocking Myers implosion provoked a reconsideration of sorts for the spirituality kingpin, who seems to have overcome his immunity to wisdom in the bitter months since Guru's release:

The Love Guru didn’t work well because Mike Myers addresses a teenage audience, and he was trying to mix it up with metaphysics,” Chopra told MTV News. “Humor mixed with spirituality can work, if it’s done well. But frankly speaking, this was not a good attempt.” ... “I think what he could have done was have been a little less gross about some of the jokes [which were added later],” Chopra said. “And some of the spiritual themes, they could have shown more the lighter side. He was almost too serious in his deprecation. He needed more humor.”

Read: He needed humor — anything to mitigate the lesbian elephants. No worries, though! Everyone involved will have a few thousand years to figure out how to improve the concept for next time.