Because it only Tuesday and who doesn't like to feel sad on a damn Tuesdee, the good folks at EW have put together a little "Where Are They Now" feature on some of our more depressing reality television show "stars." There's... um, that dude from that one show. Yeah, he's not doing much these days. And then, look, that lady. She did that thing once. She's not doing that thing anymore. It should give you some sense of the list that Evan Marriott, aka Joe Millionaire, is the biggest name on it. So you don't have to, I've gone through it and pulled the three best quotes for you. They lie-like a depressed person on their living room floor, the ceiling fan humming dimly, the TV on low, some game show or something, people laughing and clapping, and outside the cars whiz by-after the jump. "They told us we were gonna be famous, and I had a hell of a run for a while. I got a call from Playboy magazine, and I got a call from Maxim. I was on hold for a Playboy cover, but they did the Women of Starbucks instead." - Billie Jeanne Houle, Married By America "But it wasn't tough to act gay. You just pretend that you feel about guys the way you feel about girls. You learn as you go and you watch how the gay men were acting and behaving and so forth, and you roll with the vibe of the situation. It's a deep Method acting experience." - Dan Wells, Boy Meets Boy "[After the show] I holed up in an apartment in Santa Monica, and spent a lot of the money on marijuana and alcohol. I lived there with a girl who broke up with me. The next day I flushed a half ounce of pot down the toilet, packed my car, came home to Pittsburgh, and I got help. I haven't done drugs or alcohol for four years. Now I'm married with a new baby and a stepson. I work at a logistics company. Were things different, I would much rather be working in the entertainment business. I just went about it the wrong way." - Matt Kennedy Gould, Joe Schmo (in which he was the only actual contestant on a Big Brother-esque reality show-the rest were actors, setting him up for huge embarrassment)