Anisha Lakhani, ex-teacher at Manhattan private school Dalton and author of the forthcoming Schooled—about that very world!—might write her next book about socialites, she tells the Observer. After all, the Indian-born Jersey girl has been hanging out with them lately (see exhibit A, this photo with Tinsley Mortimer) at charity dinners and the like. But maybe it's all just research:

"I'm not going to do that vapid thing, like I'm not a socialite, but I'd just say read my next book," [Lakhani] responded. "I knew nothing about that world when I was teaching, but after I finished the book, I had some time on my hands and some research I wanted to do so I started going out. I won't lie, there is another story bursting to come out of me. Does that explain it? Wink, wink?"

Yes, that explains it. The Tinsley exposé we've all been waiting for! (We were hoping she was just a cardboard cut-out.)

[New York Observer]

[Photo: New York Social Diary]

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