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Violet Blue, the sex blogger Boing Boing tried to purge from its memory, managed to turn the "unpublishing" into a black eye for the Boingers. But she's been less successful on another front: Local courts have denied Blue's request for an injunction barring two Wikipedia contributors, Nina "Ninavizz" Alter and David Ben "Archeaopteryx" Burch, from editing her entry. Blue first filed a police report, then a civil harassment order. The order and any temporary injuctions have been dismissed, though Blue is allowed to file again if new developments arise. (How kind! Boing Boing didn't even give her a second chance!) In the police report which kicked off the legal tangle (reprinted in full below) the officer suggested Blue file the order with the courts and "inform the web page master of Wikipedia of the incident, give them a case number, and request to have her information on Wikipedia locked so the public cannot alter it in any manner."Critics have lambasted Blue for everything — from seeking the court injunction to having the filing fee waved due to a "credible threat of violence." We can't help sympathizing with her, because we know how difficult it can be to get anyone at Wikipedia to step in and moderate a dispute. There's only one sure-fire way to get your listing cleaned up — sleep with founder Jimmy Wales.

On 07/03/08 at approximately 1610 hours, off Russel at #1030 and I met with (R/V) Blue. Blue stated that approximately one year ago, she and (S)Alter were at an art show together, displaying a mechanical art project with several other people. Violet stated that Alter became jealous of Blue, and began acting very strange to Blue. Blue stated that was the last time she saw Alter. After this incident, Alter becan visiting a web page on the Internet called Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a web page which the public can access to obtain information on people, places, and events, just like an encyclopedia. The public can add or delete information from Wikipedia, it does not require a password, or any validity to statements placed on the web page. Blue stated that, because of her celebrity status, Alter has become more jealous and envious of Blue, and accessed Wikipedia and changed, added, and deleted information regarding Blue's information. Blue believes that this is being done out of malice, however, she does not know the specific reason. Blue stated that she had received hostile emails in the past from Alter, however, they have stopped, and the emails were not threatening in any manner. Blue stated that she is not in fear of her life, or of any physical harm from Alter. However, Blue stated that she is concerned of possible property damage because her vehicle was vandalized approximately one year ago, right after the art exhibit incident. Blue stated that Alter has gone as far as to contact all kinds of friends of Blue's in order to infiltrate her life. Blue has created a time-line regarding all of the incidents, and friends which Alter has contacted. Blue gave me copies of the time line, emails, and web page printouts which I booked into evidence at the Mission Station. These printouts were not attached to the report on Blue's request because they contain personal information of friends, and because this report is available to the public, Blue requested that they not be attached, and that her phone number and house address not be listed as well. Blue requests that investigators contact her via the email address provided. I gave Blue a case number and a follow up form. I advised Blue of attempting to obtain a restraining order at 400 McAllister St. Furthermore, I suggested to Blue to inform the web page master of Wikipedia of the incident, give them a case number, and request to have her information on Wikipeida locked so the public cannot alter it in any manner.

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