Sometimes we come across a PR item so ignorant, misguided, and inexplicable that we just have to shake our heads back and forth and sigh in a dramatic manner. We have one such item right here. If you ran a newspaper that had been terribly embarrassed for treating a racist publicity stunt as front page news just weeks ago-so embarrassed, in fact, that the editor responsible was quietly fired-would you not, in the future, do everything possible to distance yourself from the bad designer who fooled you with with the stunt? Metro NY decided: instead of that, why don't we just sponsor this guy's next fashion show? The press release for the upcoming L.E.S. Fashion Flipside show is below. As you can see, Metro is listed as one of only two sponsors for the show. And [bad designer], last seen trying to sell a copy of his poetry book "America, My Whore" to a reporter from Jewish Week, is listed as the first name under "boutiques." Urgh:

L.E.S. FASHION FLIPSIDE ECO-FRIENDLY RUNWAY SHOW AUGUST 17th @ ORCHARD ST (BTWN RIVINGTON & STANTON) FROM 2pm - Late L.E.S. Fashion Flipside turns Orchard Street into the Lower East Side's nabe-centric answer to uptown's Fashion Week, all with sustainable, eco-friendly and vintage clothing for men and women. Come down to Rivington & Orchard on August 17th to see the Lower East Side's hottest boutiques put their best pump forward! Historical David Zarin is doing 'The Real Housewives of NYC' theme with Team Jill apparel Orchard Corsets Harris Levy Eco-Friendly Moo Shoes Loli By Reincarnation Hairy Mary's David Owens Vintage Kaight Boutiques Apollo Braun DeMask Dressing Room House De Lux Valley Menswear 20 Peacocks Ted's Formal Wear Complimentary Beauty Lounge will also be present for all of your therapeutic needs. Including eyebrow threading and massage with beverages provided by Fizzy Lizzy. Hair by Celebrity Stylist Dana Gibbs of Dana's Loft & Tropical Salon Jewelry by Wendy Mink and Doyle and Doyle Press & VIP RSVP - [Redacted] Sponsored by Metro NY and the The Lower East Side Business Improvement District (LES BID). The Lower East Side Business Improvement District was established in 1992 as a nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to revitalizing the Orchard Street Shopping District while preserving its unique and diverse character.

[via Fashion Indie]