The NYT profiled the most awesome blog ever yesterday. It's called Courthouse Confessions, and it's run by photographer Steven Hirsch. He snaps and interviews willing participants leaving the Manhattan Criminal Court at 100 Centre Street (a building close to my heart!), and they tell him about what they've done to get locked up. The results are an oddly poignant collection of what are often referred to as "bullshit charges." An excerpt from the blog:

My name is Mark Mark Mark. I was walking down Ludlow Street and uh I guess a Police Officer who I've had interactions actions with in the past spotted me and followed me about four or five blocks, uh watched me take a pee in an alley in some garbage, in the rain and then followed me another two blocks and then put handcuffs on me and then took me to jail for which I spent twenty hours in a holding cell.

And was uh was released with credit for time served. Feel like it was kind of a rip off. Twenty hours in a thirty man cell, it's freezing cold for taking a pee when there's no public restrooms available is pretty bogus. I think if you're going to arrest someone for having to go to the bathroom you should maybe provide public toilets. I'm from San Francisco, they have pay toilets there at least on the street. There's no business that will open their restrooms to non paying customers. So if I don't have five dollars to buy a sandwich and I have to go to the bathroom I guess that means I'm going to go jail.

Yep, totally.

Also, from a tipster:

"Weird sighting last night. Steven Hirsh spotted in the deli on the southeastern corner of 1st ave and 9th street, buying all the copies of the New York Times, taking out copies of the Metro section (in which the article about him appeared), and handing out copies of the Sunday NYT (sans Metro section) for free to random strangers, including myself."

[Photo by Steven Hirsch for Courthouse Confessions]