Lee Stranahan's post about lefty blogs ignoring the John Edwards affair was apparently the most highly trafficked story on the Huffington Post for at least two days. But when he crossposted the item to his "diary" on Daily Kos, it was suddenly not so popular! Go figure. The "liberal" militants there excoriated Stanahan in the comments, with one well-rated response declaring, "you are violating site standards referencing the Enquirer [and its Edwards coverage], a bannable offense." That's funny, because just a few years ago multiple Kos diarists trumpeted an unflattering Enquirer story about Bush, including one who said, "Sometimes the National Enquirer reports things better than the Washington Post." That person is still active on the site, but Stranahan is not so lucky!

After four posts related to Edwards — and to the blowback from his initial Kos diary — Stranahan found himself banned from the site, unable to post diaries or even comments. Kos overlord Markos Moulitsas (pictured) has rubbished the scandal as "tripe," and what little discussion of it he has allowed has been of similar tone.

It's amazing that, given how the traditional media telegraphed lies about Iraq and any number of other subjects over the past decade (and beyond), left-leaning rabble rousers still marginalize stories simply for existing outside that same media's too-often corrupted worldview, diminishing their own power in the process. Amazing but, given the extremes to which ideologues of all stripes will go to ignore inconvenient topics, hardly surprising.

[Lee Stranahan]