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Eager to expose Google's threats to our privacy, the National Legal & Policy Center proved so inept at technology that it ended up exposing Google cofounder Larry Page's street address in a publicity stunt. Hidden in plain sight within the NLPC's PDF document: Waverley Oaks Court, the Palo Alto street on which Page lives. (Last year, Valleywag published a Google Maps view of Page's home, but not the address.) It only took a little digging through publicly available records to turn up the actual house number — 100 Waverley Oaks Court, Palo Alto, Calif. So how much is it worth?Page was granted the deed on the property on February 18, 2005 after the historic building had been on the market for years with an asking price of $7.95 million. The rich are always cheap: Page managed to get about $1 million knocked off the price, as the next year the property was assessed at just under $7 million. By this year, the assessment was back up to $7,216,214, with the nearly 3/4-acre property alone assessed at $5.1 million. How much are the taxes on the property? $78,550.96 over the last year.