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Right as former AOL CEO Jon Miller gets a glowing profile in the Los Angeles Times, his former boss strikes back at him in the most callow way possible, by blocking his appointment to the Yahoo board. Was it not enough for Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes to ignominiously sack Miller two years ago, replacing him with the hated and ineffective Randy Falco, who instantly sent AOL's recovering business into a tailspin? Of course not! The media boss is enforcing Miller's noncompete agreement, blocking him from even working at Yahoo as a director — after Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, who championed Miller's cause, had already announced he would join the board.

Some observers say Time Warner executives did a bait-and-switch, tacitly encouraging Yahoo and Miller to proceed with the appointment, and then publicly denying that they ever approved a deal. Backstabbing and double-dealing at the world's most famous agglomeration of corporate infighters? We are not shocked. But we don't think Miller, who saw their work firsthand at Time Warner, ought to be, either. (Photo by Lou Reed/Los Angeles Times)