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We're not sure if this is a sign that the bailout is doomed, or just a signal that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson really is contemplating endorsement deals to revive the economy, but this morning Bloomberg News squeezed a brand name in the headline of a story about the frantic, behind-the-scenes work involved in rescuing Citigroup this past weekend: "Citigroup's $306 Billion Rescue Fueled by Pizza From Domino's."

Yes, according to Bloomberg, "The deal to rescue the world's best-known bank was pieced together by regulators over Domino's pizza in near-empty offices one block from the White House." This is Washington we're talking about, of course, so you can really expect to find New York-quality pizza, but there are still a number of decent spots in the nation's capital—and Domino's isn't one of them. If we can't trust the Treasury Department with ordering in decent pizza, what does that say about their chances of saving the American economy? Guess we'll just have to hope the new administration circulates new take-out menus when they get to town.

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