Three women who first discovered and photographed the Montauk Monster have issued a desperate plea for scientists to help them identify the devil spawn! Rachel Goldberg, Courtney Fruin and Jenna Hewitt gave their long-awaited interview to PlumTV, following hot on the heals of the CNN appearance by their buddy "Colin," who is keeping the monster's bones safe in his bong or Weber grill or whatever. The ladies revealed they have been in touch with a scientist from Stony Brook University, who supposedly told them it can't be a raccoon (legs/arms not in proportion to body), dog (feet "don't match up" — ??) or turtle (they don't have teeth). So basically we're dealing with a mutant, alien or satanic death hound. "Lock your fucking doors," as one self-described biologist told us yesterday! The women are hoping another scientist will take a look at the remains and give a less terrifying answer. A video except, along with some interesting mail, is after the jump. UPDATE: Plus a new, less decomposed photo via Newsday!

Highlights from PlumTV's interview are above, the full video is here. Note that the presence of the photos on one of the women's cameras is treated as evidence the picture was not Photoshopped. In fact, with proper formatting it's likely possibly to copy any image to a memory card and load it onto a phone. Just saying!

Here's the NEW PHOTO of the creature shown in the segment:

From the mailbag:

One corespondent believes the creature to be a model created by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini to promote "some company or movie or whatever." A sample of her work:

More evidence for the raccoon theory from an anonymous emailer! Not sure why the text cuts off so abruptly.

Also, it's still not a sea turtle.

And this thing has been haunting people for YEARS, in the demon shadows of wooded night:

My friend Sachit, Alex and myself can swear that we saw this creature one night around 1 o'clock in the morning during the summer. At first we thought it was just two people making out, then possibly a empty trash bin rolling in the wind on it's side but then we saw a shadow of a creature that immediately jetted away from us up the shoreline. It was fast and couldn't of been anything simple like a dog or a deer. We told this story to a lot of our friends and family over the past two years and every time they see our serious faces and feel our concerns everybody listened to our story and tells us how the hair on the back of their necks stand up every time. My friend Sachit was the first one to email this picture to me with the subject of the email saying "they found our monster". I forwarded it to my brother and father and my brother told me to email someone about it. Well, here I am emailing you. Damn, I'm glad I could get that off my chest. Now my story can only be interesting to the people that heard it before this picture came about. Very cool.

More Photoshops! From an email tipster:

From Pope John Peeps II in the comments:

Be careful out there everyone. This monster had to come from somewhere — or SOME THING!

[Plum TV via Guest of a Guest]

UPDATE: From Newsday, a new photo of apparently the same carcass:

The picture-taker, Ryan O'Shea of Brooklyn, told the paper:

"Everybody I showed her pictures to said it looks like a dead dog," O'Shea said.

"But looking at the claws, and at the teeth in the front, it looked like it could be something else, something vicious."

It was relatively small, roughly 2 1/2 to 3 feet long, he said.

"I kept thinking, 'Boy, I hope its mother isn't around."

The mystery only deepens!