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♦ Amy Winehouse's loving, supporting marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil appears to be over. Now free from police custody, Blake appears to have taken up with a German model named Sophie Schandorff, which means Amy will have to find someone else to fulfill her sex fanatasiesd described as "too gross" to "mention in a newspaper." [P6, NOTW]
♦ Chef Gordon Ramsay has been carrying on an affair with "Britain's most famous mistress" for the past seven years. Allegedly. [NYP]
♦ Michael Jackson and the sheik who sued him last week for $7 million have a reached a settlement. [NYDN]

♦ Madonna won't be pleased to hear this: Alex Rodriguez has been backing out of Kabbalah classes in recent weeks and has yet to complete Kabbalah 101 yet. [MSNBC]
♦ Madonna may have ironed out a settlement with Guy Ritchie, but she may still have to cough up a good deal more in child support. [NYDN]
♦ Is Paris Hilton over Benji Madden? Maybe not. She's been spotted "chasing him around" Los Angeles. [Mirror]
Ivana Trump's marriage to Rossano Rubicondi is not "on the rocks," or at least that's what Ivana says. [R&M]
♦ Jimmy Connors was arrested on Friday night for causing a disturbance. [NYP]
Michelle Williams burst into tears when Heath Ledger's name was brought up in an interview. [NYDN]
♦ The ladies from Real Housewives of Atlanta? Most of them aren't housewives and they're not really from Atlanta, but you probably knew that already. [NYP]
♦ A New York rabbi paid $2,500 at an auction to go out with ice skating queen Oksana Baiul. [P6]
♦ Another reason to be scared of Tom Cruise and John Travolta: A Scientology security guard shot and killed a man outside a church building yesterday. [TMZ]
♦ Boy George stands on trial today. He's accused of assaulting and falsely imprisoning a male escort. [The Star]
♦ Barbara and Jenna Bush gave a tour of the White House to Malia and Sasha Obama last week and showed them their new digs. [People]
♦ Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has filed a negligence lawsuit against the owner and makers of what he claims was a "defective" Learjet. [E!]
♦ Rapper MC Breed is dead. [AP]