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It really is about time psychologists gave a name to whatever personality disorder Angelina Jolie suffers from, because "narcissistic control freak with a Mother Teresa complex" (see also: Princess Diana, Mia Farrow) is a bit of a mouthful. Anyway, Angie must have pissed off someone at the Times, because today the paper does a mild hatchet job on her, raking over various details that we already knew: She micro-manages all aspects of her tabloid interviews especially her coverage in People; she supposedly doesn't employ a publicist or agent; she and Brad make a big song and dance about giving the proceeds of their media deals to charity, but only a small slice seems to reach the beneficiaries; and, most importantly, when that bitch Jennifer Aniston is winning the hearts and minds of US Weekly readers, all Ang has to is don a headscarf, be photographed helping the tragedy-stricken in a third world country, and she's back in the game.

The article fails, however, to investigate the two most fascinating mysteries about Angelina, namely: Why, if she's so, in Bonnie Fuller's words, "scary smart," is she literally incapable of choosing a script that doesn't suck? It's hard to think of another actress of her fame and earning power who has never made a critically-acclaimed film. Also, inquiring minds want to know: Exactly how many cosmetic surgeries has she had, and who did them?

In other Angelina news this morning, the Daily Mail has posted pictures of her naked ass from her recent film Wanted, which is a useful coincidence. Or is it?

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