As Montauk Monstergate continues, the national news media has begun to take notice (and drink companies are trying to piggyback on the buzz). The breezy wind-up toys at Fox News did a segment on our little creature friend (who I suppose we can now call Monty, as suggested by a commenter) this morning, bringing on noted animal expert and possible crazy person Jeff Corwin to resolve the matter. There he sat, reporting live from my beloved home city of Boston, and lied to America. "It's a dog, or a raccoon" he said with shifty eyes. Whatever government agent was off camera almost certainly had a gun leveled right at Corwin's head (or, you know, some hell beast agent of the Dark was pointing a talon). When will this vast conspiracy unravel? When will these portents be accepted as auguring the end of days? For what it's worth, the Fox news lady doesn't believe Corwin's awful lies, because she Wants to Believe. This is a monster folks, plain and simple. I mean, Fox news ladies know their own kind. (Also, "you saw it here first yesterday"? Puhhleeze.) Clip is above.